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Train-the-Trainer: Effective Training
Programs in the Classroom
and the Field




Train-the-Trainer: Effective Training
Programs in the Classroom
and the Field

This distance-learning course is available for $90 (US$) per student. Additionally, this course is available live, in-house presentations
(negotiated rates).


Course Description

Through a combination of video presentations by course instructor Dr. John H. White, along with video training vignettes, course notes, and sample course documents, students are presented with a comprehensive train-the-trainer course. John developed this course drawing upon his 40-plus years in the education and training fields and professional preparation.

Subject matter experts will gain knowledge and tools to effectively teach their employees the knowledge and skills to properly and safely execute their job responsibilities.

Instruction includes exposure to adult learning theories, learning styles, and unique, effective teaching practices for instructors in the classroom, in the field, via distance learning, or via blended training modes.

Special Feature -- Additionally, John will provide free consulting services to students who complete this course. The consulting services may include a review of course materials, lesson plans, PowerPoint slides, and other critical training elements which may be held via video conferencing, telephone discussions, or email, depending on the mode requested by the individual student.
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Course Outline

With a casual approach, John will provide instruction on 13 topics and subtopics:

   1.  Requirements for effective training

   2.  Adult learning theories and practices

   3.  Learning goals, objectives, and

   4.  Training modes and presentations:
        a. Classroom instruction
        b. In-field instruction
        c. Distance-learning instruction
        d. Blended-learning instruction
        e. Training simulation instruction
            including virtual reality and
            augmented reality

  5.   Lesson plans

  6.   Course syllabus

  7.   Course evaluation

  8.   Student assessment

  9.  Course evaluations

About the Instructor

JHW 8.24.2018JDr. White has worked in the education, grant writing, training, and technical writing fields. During his career, John has provided services to clients and employers at almost every level of the education and training sectors: elementary school, middle school, high school, vocational school, adult education, technical college, community college, university, and training for business and industry levels. A sampling of related positions held by John include vice president for institutional research and legal affairs at a university, dean of instruction and interim president at a technical college, director of business and industry training programs for two colleges, director of professional development for an international engineering society, and vice president of a technical writing company serving the nuclear power industry.

John has over 40 years’ experience working in senior and executive roles for universities, colleges, and private companies, providing expert leadership across institutional research, distance education, legal affairs, enrollment/recruitment, marketing, student services, and program development.

John's earned degrees include a doctor of education and a master of education, both from Columbia University, a master of arts from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, a bachelor of arts from Alma College, and an associate of arts from Macomb County Community College. Additionally, John served in the United States Navy, was trained as an electrician's mate, and served a tour of duty in Vietnam.


Course Materials

Each student will receive course materials that includes:

  • Access to the TechWrite learning management system designed for distance learning courses.

  • Access to fifteen training video modules that include lectures and video training vignettes.

  • Digital copies of course PowerPoint slides.

  • Course development documents:
    1. course planning checklist
    2. course intake form
    3. lesson plan template
    4. course evaluation, and
    5. a test anxiety primer

  • Free course development and presentation consulting services

  • Certificate of completion

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